Heading to the North Woods

This weekend, my family and I will drive for 15 hours to Northern Michigan. This is our annual trip to Family Camp, a week of amazing times.
Family Camp is as great as it sounds. There are about 20 families that stay at a wilderness camp. During the summer, the camp operates as a boys’ wilderness camp. Each family is assigned a cabin. The cabins are rustic: they don’t have electricity or their own bathroom. During Family Camp, the only required events are meals. A bell rings three times a day, calling the ‘cookies’ from each family to set the table. Each day, two families are paired to dine together. There are songs, announcements, and parades during meals.

Camp is set on Torch Lake, the most beautiful lake in the world. There are all sorts of waterfront activities including swimming, scuba diving, sailing, kayaking, beach volleyball, and canoeing. The other big draws for campers of all ages are the high ropes course, the zip line, the pamper pole, and the climbing tower.

As a girl, I attended girls’ camp. It formed me into the woman I am today on so many levels. It fostered a love and respect for nature, and the ability to befriend and work together with girls and women from all walks of life. Most importantly, the knowledge that, inside of me, there is a strength and ability to accomplish any goal that I set my mind to. That knowledge has helped me during tough times in my life, the most memorable of which was natural childbirth!

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