Wool Mattress Pads

I just stocked another wool mattress pad in my shop. You may be curious, “Why wool?” “That sounds hot and scratchy” “Why wouldn’t you just use a plastic pad?” “Doesn’t that leak?” “Doesn’t that smell like moth balls?”

Using wool and learning about how awesome wool is has changed my outlook on it. My learning curve with using wool diaper covers was quite long: I didn’t know how frequently to lanolize them, I didn’t know that I should change baby’s diaper more frequently, I didn’t know that for long naps the diaper cover needed to be nice and thick. I didn’t know I should rotate covers and let them air dry between wearing sessions. I wanted to get into it, but it took me a while to be a convert. Personally, making the switch away from disposable diapers and from plastic diaper covers (PUL or Pro Care), I had to realize that I was sacrificing certain benefits: no leaks, being able to leave a very wet diaper on baby, the convenience of an easy diaper change, etc. However, I think those ‘sacrifices’ led to better benefits in the long run for me, my babies, and the earth: less laundry for me, a natural fiber on my baby, and an eco-conscious fabric that will leave much less of a carbon footprint in their production and when we are done using them.

This goes for the wool pads as well. Does wool work like vinyl or plastic? No. Is it awesome in its own right, with many benefits for mama, baby, family, and the earth? YES! Sometimes it’s important to look at the things we use for convenience, and consider that the convenience may not be worth it if we are really trying to care for ourselves and the earth.

*disclaimer: I use some PUL covers that I made, and we use disposables at night because of my son’s gnarly diaper rash. I am not a natural goddess in every way! I’m still learning and changing my old habits and welcome new ideas from you!



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