Making Waldorf Dolls

When I was a preteen, I didn’t love handmade. My mom could make anything, and she often did for us. She did everything from cut our hair to rewire lamps to reupholster couches. She made many of our clothes and sewed dolls and toys for us. I didn’t appreciate them at the time, but now I love all of her handmades. I especially love that she taught me to cherish handmade, and that she taught me to continue her legacy. Especially now that she isn’t with us anymore, I find that continuing her handmade spirit is so important.

I recently decided to make my daughters Waldorf style dolls for Christmas (we don’t buy them anything). Last year, I made them little mermaidens:

I just purchased the supplies for the dolls at this awesome Etsy shop: Bungalow Bear. Edna was super helpful and very quick with her responses. She sent my package out quickly and I am super pleased with the quality of supplies. She even sent extras for me in case I mess up, as well as thread and beeswax and a chopstick for shaping the dolls’ heads. She offered to send me her pattern if I needed it, and I know she is there if I have questions. I have no affiliation with her other than being a VERY happy customer. Her dolls in her listings are amazing:


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