Waldorf dolls, continued…

dolls in progress by rebourne.etsy.com
dolls in progress, a photo by rebourne.etsy.com on Flickr.

I am finished with the dolls’ heads, except for the hair! I survived a sharp needle that caused me to bleed all over Sage’s doll. I had to redo the entire head skin and face! I am really enjoying working on these lovelies, especially seeing how much my littles are loving them already! My baby loves to hug the heads and carry them around when I’m not stitching them!

Check my shop , I was able to list another wool mattress pad. I will hopefully be listing another one today that is extra thick.


3 responses to “Waldorf dolls, continued…

    • First you put a pin through the nose area, pulling a bit of the wool up with the fabric.
      Then you stitch loose stitches around the nose area, and pull the thread up. Then you finish by stitching underneath, going around like a clock from 12 to 6, 7 to 1, 2 to 8, etc. and tie off! I think the noses are so cute too!!!

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