Sewing School

This morning while I packaged up orders, my oldest came down to my dungeon studio. It wasn’t quite ‘school time’; we usually start when the baby goes down for his morning nap. She wasn’t quite sure what to do with herself, and then she wanted to learn to sew a button on. Once I finished my packaging, it was good to put aside my attempted schedule and sit and sew a button with her. It is incredible how dextrous she has become since the first time we used a needle and thread a few years ago.

She sewed a button onto a wool scrap, and then asked, “Can I sell this?”

I tried not to laugh out loud, and then she said, “Maybe if I sew another button on, like a monster?”

We talked about how she could maybe sew it into a monster and stuff it. How cute!
This afternoon while the littles napped, she helped me by modeling these cute leg warmers:


What a spirit she has! It’s a privilege to be a Mama.


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