“Mom, there’s a hole in Ryder’s pants”

split pants by rebourne.etsy.com
split pants, a photo by rebourne.etsy.com on Flickr.

I made some split pants for Ryder yesterday. Yes, they are purple lambswool (awesome!). I got the idea from an elimination communication shop, and figured I would try to make some. I have a lot of sweater sleeves from the wool covers that I make, and these would be an easy way to possibly encourage other mothers with their ECing.
Ryder is the first baby we have pottied. We had success when he was quite tiny, but he’s in a resistant stage right now. I still like him to be in touch with his elimination, even if we’re not making it to the potty 99% of the time. This time of year it is harder to have him naked because it’s chilly. If I like these, I may try to sell them in my etsy shop!


One response to ““Mom, there’s a hole in Ryder’s pants”

  1. Love them…let me know if you decide to sell them. Love the color. I was thinking…how would a pair of split pants (or chaps) with feet be for nighttime EC pajamas?

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