Haley Trike…coming soon…

We ordered a custom Haley Trike in July. We will be using it to move our kids around for pleasure, for transporting cases of beer, for our weekly grocery shopping, and for my business needs. I want to be able to use it for trips to the thrift store where I buy much of my raw goods. I need a large capacity because I buy a ton of wool at a time.

Here is a photo from Haley’s website that I altered in photoshop with our box color and faux lettering of my logo:

Our trike will have a longer box with a wedge shaped open top. We plan to use a kids’ seat for the baby, and build some harnesses for the girls.

We had the chance to test ride a trike when we ordered. It handles so smoothly and steadily; it is so fun to ride!! I can’t wait to see our bike!! Here is my husband sitting while baby got a chance to crawl around in the box (no, we didn’t ride around with him in it).
Haley Tricycle


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