Once A Month Cleaning…?

I read about Once A Month Cleaning at Simple Homeschool. At first I was skeptical: 1) I am lazy, and an entire day or weekend spent cleaning sounds like too much. 2) Our home is tiny and only cleaning once a month seemed scant.
My lovely pink vacuum:
heels and vacuum
This weekend was my second time doing the program.
PROS: I liked that I knew when those tasks were going to get done. In the past, I would wait until the house got really dusty or dirty. I also liked that my husband took the kids out of the house for a handful of hours. I was able to clean in peace, wash all the sheets, and do lots of laundry. I was also able to dance to my rap music without anyone making fun of “mommy’s music”. It was nice to have the baby out of my hair. He is at the stage where I can’t take my eyes off him because he is getting into everything and climbing on everything.
CONS: I didn’t like that my husband’s allergies require an extra vacuuming during the month. The bathrooms still need to be surface cleaned during the month. Overall, this seems to be working for me.
How do you juggle all of your homemaking responsibilities?


2 responses to “Once A Month Cleaning…?

  1. Okay, I hate, hate to tell people how ridiculously big my house is, it’s uh, cough, 4408 square feet. But, it isn’t finished. Basically, we bought 5.3 acres, and we got a modular which is a stick built home btw, and put it on a basement. So, the basement rarely gets cleaned, maybe once a month, the kids are down there but it never gets too bad and they can clean their own room. So, upstairs, yeah.. I am so bad at organization, but I also work very hard to keep a home with 9 people in it reasonable looking. I do not like filth, Every night we clean. I do dishes, laundry everyday. It’s insane, and someday it’ll be better. We have no carpet, I hate carpet, our basement is all cement. and upstairs we have laminate wood and it’s cherry wood and I hate it because it’s beautiful in the store but at home, it turns into a mess and shows EVERYTHING! I wish I would have known and never gotten it. then of course we have all this dirt, and sand, and so the house is a mess, and I love to open my windows and so then I deal with that, so how do I keep up on it? The best I can 🙂 You’d think I’d learn to calm down with the mes that kids have, but I don’t. When my kids were younger my house was so clean… but I just don’t have the energy I used to. Okay, I am total nerd!

  2. I want to add that not a single room in our basement is finished. My kids all live in unfinished rooms 🙂 WEll, the ones that are downstairs.

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