Photographing Kids

A challenge to making baby and kid’s items is photographing them. I recently purchased a used, entry-model DSLR. I am fairly experienced with SLR black and white photography, but I have no experience with DSLR. Product photography is not only challenging, but sometimes boring for me.

I was able to photograph my middle child yesterday as she modeled this doll sling. I was happy with the results, but holding a huge wall mirror with one of my outstretched arms was pretty tough! Photographing kids also makes it hard to have the aperature settings I want for a small depth of field. Kids don’t stop moving, they slobber, they are messy and goofy. I have to plan out each shoot and make sure we are all in good moods, no one is hungry, the other kids are being watched by my husband, the light is good, the baby isn’t napping (we shoot in his room), the model’s hair has been brushed some time in the last week, etc. Sometimes I put off shoots because it takes so much work!


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