Industrial Sewing Machine #2

Gifted to me by
Gifted to me, a photo by on Flickr.

I’ve been stalking Craigslist, asking at my two local industrial sewing machine shops, and scheming my next industrial sewing machine purchase for months. I wanted a straight-stitch machine that could handle light to medium weight fabrics. My industrial Consew is a compound walking foot machine; it is perfect for the rubber tubes, cordura, webbing, and vinyl I sew for Tube Heaven.
This was given to me by a family friend. He is moving up to a walking foot to sew leather. What a generous gift! I need to have the clutch motor switched out for a servo motor, I have no clutch experience.
Now if someone would just shave my legs for me (cave woman much?).
In shop news, I hope to be stocking a handful of wool diaper covers, wool leg warmers, and wool longies with feet within the week. Sewing usually trumps personal hygiene, but as you can see that may need to change.


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