I can haz your moneys?

I got my Square reader in the mail yesterday. I just signed up for Art Shop 2011, which will take place December 2nd and 3rd here in Philadelphia. I can now accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover cards on the spot! As someone who NEVER carries cash, I see this as being very practical.
So, come check out Rebourne in Philly this December!! More details and links to actual event to follow.


3 responses to “I can haz your moneys?

  1. Never heard of this. Thanks for the post. Gonna check this out for my shop. I do shows too and this would come in really handy!

  2. So, apparently my super tech savvy husband has known about the Square reader and swears we have chatted about it in the past. Good thing I came across your post, since I do not remember having that conversation with him. I have ordered the reader and it’s on its way!

    • Nice! I’m excited to use mine! I don’t do any shows except this one, but I look forward to not having to deal with too much cash. Plus doing cash via the square looks good too-easy way to keep track of purchases.

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