Nylon Flag

You know about our family cargo bike. But do you know that it’s supposed to be DONE this week!?!?!
In anticipation, I made a flag for the bike. We live in Philadelphia, The City of Brotherly Love. But I have been hit by a car while riding my bike here. Neither the driver of the car, nor the two cops who drove past me while I was on the ground, stopped. With this flag, I want to appeal to drivers’ curiosity and kindness. Perhaps it will help them have a little extra dose of caution and patience in dealing with my bike and kids.
Making the flag:

I used ripstop nylon from my mom’s stash to make the flag. She had a pattern and kit from the 90’s that she used to make seasonal flags for our house.I followed the general instructions from her kit to adapt it to my own design.

I designed the flag and cut the green fabric. I hemmed the edges of the green piece. I cut out the letter pieces and heart, and spray basted them onto the green flag piece. Then I loosely zig-zagged the pieces in place, going over the edge. Then I carefully cut the green fabric away behind the letters and heart. Then I went back and did a satin stitch around each letter, covering the edges and earlier stitching. I still needed to trim a few stitches when I took the picture. I sealed the threads with ‘fray check’. The toughest part was adjusting the needle and bobbin tension to attain perfect stitching on both sides of the flag. I left the short edge of the triangle unhemmed until I know what kind of pole I’ll be using. Maybe even grommets?


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