Cargo Trike, Family Bike, What’s Not to Like?

First ride with daddy, off to get bubbles

Here is the Hubs with all the kiddos in the Haley Trike. We have our system down with where everyone sits, which helmets are whose, where each kids’ legs are permitted to reach, etc. I have had to get very intense with the, “No, we can’t go out on the bike. You didn’t get your shoes and coat on, and you were hitting your sister.”

Sometimes its, “No, we can’t go on the bike, you couldn’t stop fighting about who got to wear the green shirt.”

Oh, girls. {sigh}.

The bike rides and steers very smoothly. Last night, while our girls were at their friends’ house watching a movie, Ry and I took a ride in the trike. Hubs hauled us to our local beer store for a few tasty beverages. I was freezing, but it was so fun to be a passenger!

Today while the kids are with Daddy at his mom’s house, I am sewing cloth diapers. They’re taking forever, but there are more boy prints and gender neutral diapers, stocking to my shop soon.


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