For my birthday this year, my dad gave me a ticket to TEDxPhilly and an offer for free babysitting all day. What a gift!

I really enjoyed the day. TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design. This event’s theme was ‘The City’. There were about 15 speakers and performers from various disciplines. One ‘talk’ that stood out to me was that of a symphony director of at a Catholic school here in Philly. While I wasn’t completely sold on his data, I could appreciate his sentiment: music is important; learning to play an instrument and playing with others is important. Learning music and performing are important.

I played the viola as a kid. I come from a musical family. I also played the drums in high school, though poorly. I hope that playing music can be a part of my kids’ lives. Working with peers as a group, for months, struggling through practice, and then the finale of performing together; these were all a big part of my education.

I bought a guitar 10 years ago, and it has gone largely unused. As a perfectionist, I don’t like that the guitar is not intuitive to me. I don’t like my voice, so playing in front of people is not my goal. But there is something about plugging away at it with spare moments that is satisfying and fulfilling.

Do you play an instrument? Did you as a kid? What role did it play in your upbringing?


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