Waldorf doll

She's done!! by rebourne.etsy.com
She’s done!!, a photo by rebourne.etsy.com on Flickr.

I finished the first Waldorf doll tonight! I was felting wool blankets at the laundromat and was able to sit still (!!) and finish her hair. Three layers of hair hand sewn on, it was quite the exhausting experience. I won’t lie, the white noise of the washing machines was very soothing after a long day with the kiddos.
I wasn’t happy with how the doll’s head looked a few weeks ago. I removed her head and made her neck thicker, then re-sewed it back on. My friend Saskia (who makes amazing dollies for sale on Etsy) gave me some great pointers. I’m glad I took the time to fix this doll, though I still see all of her imperfections.
Now I need to finish Fern’s doll, and then make their wardrobes. These will be my girls’ Christmas gifts from me and Tray.


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