Custom Haley Trike snow and rain cover

It’s too bad that we don’t live near any woods, because our bike would be totally camouflaged! I got this waterproof material for $1/yard at my local warehouse. I was going to make wet bags for wet and dirty cloth diapers, but I needed this long yardage for our bike.
To make this, I laid the fabric on the bike, wrong side up. I pinned in the spots where I needed darts, sewed fabric onto the sides to fit around the widest part, sewed the darts, refit it on the bike and drew a chalk line and added a few more darts, and this is how it is now. I need to put two grommets in the middle on the bottom of the fabric near the ground. Then I can put a bungie through the holes.
My neighbor has a million vespas, and I asked if I could check out the covers he uses. That helped me. It took about an hour total to make this.
The issue I’m having is water pooling above the box. We may need to put the lid on the box when we expect rain or snow. That is a pain because we’re storing the lid in the basement now.
I also plan to make a rain cover for when we’re actually driving the bike, but that will come later.
I have been riding the trike at least once a day for the last few weeks. It’s helped me feel like I’m getting fresh air and exercise, and being easier on the earth and our pockets. Plus it brings so many smiles to faces everywhere we go.


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