This past weekend marked the second anniversary of my mom’s passing. In the midst of the challenging day, I was featured on the front page of Etsy! It was kind of unreal.

Front Page!?!?!

I was a vendor at a local craft fair called Art Shop. I think it reinforced my thoughts about Rebourne at craft fairs: unless it’s the Crunchy Green Mama who Cloth Diapers craft fair, I shouldn’t vend. I find fairs overwhelming and exhausting, and my merchandise is often confusing and off-putting to shoppers. (example: the numerous men who lifted up a pack of nursing pads, read the label, and then awkwardly laid them back down and quickly walked away).

#cargobike transported all of my merch to vend at Art Shop

Last night we went ice skating at a local public rink in South Philadelphia. It was free to skate, and $3 to rent skates! Sage did great and says she hated it, but I think we’ll go again. Affordable exercise in the city is hard to come by.
First time ice skating with daddy

I’ve stocked my Etsy shop with  a couple of the things that I made for Art Shop. Check out these pennants:

I will be working on more diapers soon, I am waiting for the last of my fabric to arrive today. I will be making some organic diapers and some non-organic diapers. Stay tuned!


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