Swimming, continued

As you may have read here, I love swimming, and I love swimming with my kids.

Over the last couple of weeks, I have felt a little bit of winter anxiety. I’m not sure if it’s season affect or just worry, but I’ve felt discouraged and a little depressed. I get thinking about how I’m going to keep myself and the kids entertained over the winter months. There is a lot of screaming, wound up, running around going on. My husband gets home from work at 7:20, so I have a few dark hours every night by myself with the kids. Juggling making dinner with getting out of the house after-naps-but-before-dinner is always hard too. I try to make all of our food and use healthy and fresh ingredients, which adds more time and prep. While they are napping, I work on Rebourne stuff, so I don’t usually have the time to make dinner then. Enter: proactivity:

We quit going to the YMCA because we weren’t using the membership. We just re-joined and have gone swimming twice this week! Baby is a bit scared of the water, but he loosened up a bit on our second trip.

Mommy #triathlon : run around getting kids ready, ride 3 kids in #cargobike then take kids swimming

Here are the kids in the bike after the second trip. It was a full on workout for me, between getting them all bundled, getting snacks packed, and getting our swimming stuff packed. The Y is only 1 mile from our home, but it was a slight up hill the whole way. Hooray burning thighs! What fun! I was SO happy to be in the pool, even if it was a ton of work. Now it’s time to work on swimming skills again: getting the baby comfortable going underwater, getting Fern to swim on her own more, and getting Sage to swim across the pool, work on her front crawl, and work on backstroke. I want her to join the swim team when she is 6! Nothing beats winter blues, kids with too much energy, and kids that whine about dinner or bedtime like a good swim!!!


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