Solo Adventuring

Doll baby is riding bolt bus with me tonight. Getting his arms sewn on and his hair crocheted.

This little guy and I took a trip to Boston this past weekend. He is still a work-in-progress: he needs his hair,  arms and clothes. I didn’t work on him as much as I expected to while traveling. I was busy resting, eating, playing guitar, helping my aunts with computer stuff, chatting, crying, remembering my mom, and walking around. This photo of my mom and I was on my aunts’ fridge:

My mama and I hand-quilting together a few years ago. RIP, miss you Mom.

It was so nice to have a break from my house and my kids, but I missed the kids a bit too much. I couldn’t think or talk about them without tearing up. Our Skype date ended because the baby screamed that he couldn’t reach into the computer and hug me. Of course I missed Tray, but I find time away from each other always brings us closer.

Now I’m back in the 24/7 mom/teacher/WAHM/wife/homemaker saddle, and loving it. I’m feeling sick and laying low this week, learning along side my girls about Hanukkah, and rejoicing that the Light is returning.


One response to “Solo Adventuring

  1. I loved reading this. 🙂
    How adorable are you and your Mom, Marni!
    Being out of your everyday helps bring you back with new energy, hmm?
    Poor Ryder (and poor you!)… I think my little one would do the same thing.

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