Christmas and homeschooling break

Learning about mummies and pyramids
Here is the doll I made for S, she is watching a movie about mummies and trying not to look scared.

The dolls were a hit with the girls, they are (surprisingly) still playing with them. S gave her dolly a huge squeeze and hug and looked her over for a handful of minutes after she opened her. It warmed my heart to see her love her doll that I had spent so many hours and shed blood over. I made them a pair of socks, underwear, and a dress. I wrapped each up individually so they would have more things to open.

I finished the smaller doll and gave it to my son. He fell in love with the doll while I was sewing it, and would constantly come over and hug the doll’s head and then the body. I felt like the doll’s face took on a lot of qualities of my son’s: bright blue eyes, chubby cheeks, and a sweet little smile.

Boy is finished! #handmade #waldorf #doll

I was much happier with how this doll’s head and neck turned out. He worked up so much quicker also. His hair is local angora yarn that I crocheted into a cap and hand-sewed onto his head. I can add longer hair later if my boy wants. He loves his “bah bah”. (heart melt!)

Christmas was lovely, calm time spent with family. I enjoyed being able to put the kids to sleep and hang out with my brothers and my dad and sister-in-law and play some Settlers of Catan.

Now it’s on to some diapers that I’ve been working on for a while.

diapers stocking soon


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