I knew while I was dating him that my husband had been a Civil War reenactor. I never cared about history. I found it dry, purposeless, boring, and dumb. Especially American History.
Now, as we have kids and we are homeschooling, I’m so grateful that he loves history. He is passionate about wars, peoples, places, timelines, interactions, and all of that stuff. Hearing him talk about history actually gets me interested!
Here he is wearing his uniform. I had never seen it, and it was really fun to hear him explain each piece and how it was crafted to be true to the period. The coat and pants are hand sewn wool, and they were the most interesting to me, given my obsession with wool.
I enjoy that as the years pass with marriage, I still feel like I get to learn more things about my husband and what makes him tick.
Hiking til 3 AM in this gear? No Gore-Tex?! No camping stove or down sleeping bag?? Phew.


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