Riding the Cargo Trike

Yesterday, I rode the trike for the first time in a while. There’s been a bit of miserable weather, and I haven’t had the energy or desire to go out on the bike.
It was so gorgeous outdoors, the sun was shining super bright, there was a little breeze, it was a gorgeous temperature, and it was very restorative.
We have made the decision to stop homeschooling. It has been a long 5 months, with a lot of added stress and frustration for Tray and I. We are excited to see how Sage blossoms at school. She really doesn’t want to wear a uniform.
We have begun the application process for Green Woods Charter School. It is an environmental based elementary and middle school, and we are praying that we are one of many to be accepted. The lottery program for “good” schools here in Philadelphia is very daunting.
How is winter treating you and your family? We’ve got runny noses and a bit of stir-crazies. These spring-like days are helping a bit though.


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