New Rebourne diapers

I have decided to stop making Very Baby diapers after my license runs out in April. I have tweaked a pattern and made some adjustments to it, and I’m happy with where it’s at. I recently had some testers order diapers, and I will be sending their survey out shortly. I look forward to their feedback! There are still Very Baby diapers in my shop currently, FYI.

Here is a gallery of photos explaining how to fold my new diapers, put them on a newborn, and put them on a larger baby. Please point out any confusion/errors/ideas you have, I am only one set of eyes and I’ve been diapering for a while in a certain way, I could always use the questions/comments.

These are currently for sale only in my Etsy shop. Here are links to three of the new style diaper listings (there are 6 total for sale currently):

Green striped diaper

Horsey Diaper

Hearts Diaper

My goal is to offer adorable, organic, easy to use and easy to care for, absorbent, and eco-friendly diapers. They will not have any synthetic materials against your baby’s skin or hidden inside. They will be sewn meticulously by hand, by me, with high quality threads, elastics, and fabrics.


3 responses to “New Rebourne diapers

  1. I cannot wait to try one of your New diapers out! I saw this tutorial posted the other day, and went straight to your store to see them! I was bummed to not find any stocked already! 😦 Guess it’s okay, baby isn’t due for another 4 weeks!

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