Community of Woolies

I recently received an email from a customer telling me about her old Rebourne wool diaper covers. She said her baby had grown out of some of them, and that she was able to sell them second-hand in her neighborhood. She has since seen them on some babies around town!

I have many high hopes in starting my own business. Some practical things, like getting to the point where I can afford health insurance for myself. Some lofty ideas, like starting a solar powered, woman-run factory, complete with day care and flexible, part-time hours, and health benefits.
I had never considered the idea of the community of wool and organic cloth diaper users in neighborhoods around the country! Women getting and sharing advice, sharing the financial burden of diapering, and helping even MORE to lessen our landfill waste.
What a great little mental image. Happy Saturday!
(she’s also the same customer who first requested wool overalls! thanks for being awesome, fellow green mamas out there!)


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