Just last week I was marveling at my immune system. How sturdy it’s been this winter! Great job, immune system! You’ve really kept me going, through kids’ sicknesses and trips to the doctor, through hugging friends, through playgroup trips. I stood firm! Nothing was going to stop me!!!
((We started our girls in public school last month. It’s been weeks of one/two/three of them being sick. They’ve each gone through a terrible cough that lasts for 2+ weeks, and the last one is on her tail end. I thought I was going to sail through, not get the cold or cough or ear infection.))

Immune system, I still love you! I’m trying to help you out, with all kinds of Vitamin C, D, astragalus, echinacea, goldenseal, even resorting to some grapefruit seed extract today. The saline neti pot is being used constantly, can you tell?

Can you hear me through all the phlegm?

((I don’t do well mentally when one of my systems isn’t on board with the schedule.))

Get it together, immune system! I’m starting to go crazy, and I know I have at least another week of this left. AHHH!


One response to “Sick

  1. I LOVE Doterra’s onguard, if you ever want to try it out, I can give it to you for my price, I swear by it. I have not had a kid or myself for that matter, on an antibiotic in years. I always do natural healing.

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