Giveaway and Unveil

I am proud to announce the Rebourne 2012 Collection: OUTDOORS.

Why OUTDOORS? I’ve gone camping since I was a baby, I was a camper at a girls’ wilderness camp, and a counselor at that wilderness camp, and my family currently goes to Family Camp every summer. I love the outdoors, teaching wilderness skills to others, working as a team, being pushed beyond my comfort zone, and being in the great outdoors. I hope this collection will be a cute little snippet of different elements of camping, survival skills, wilderness, and woodland creatures!

How will this theme influence my work? I am currently making my own stamps to print my own fabrics. My diapers this year will focus on the theme, as will my woolie wraps and possibly my soakers. Stay tuned for the stamps–they are super cool! My college printmaking classes were my favorite.

What about the giveaway? I am currently running a Penny Giveaway (for it to be Facebook legal, I have to charge something for the item). It will be closing up in a few days. Just comment on the post to enter; share it via any social media for an extra entry.

Click HERE for the link the the giveaway.



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