Why I love my industrial sewing machine

I assume if you read my blog that you are a crafter in some respect. Tonight I want to talk about sewing machines. This machine is my industrial straight stitch sewing machine. It is a Singer 591 D200A. It only sews forward and backward, no zig zag.

You are probably wondering why industrial machines are superior to home sewing machines. In my opinion, and for the type of sewing I do, here are my reasons:
1) Efficiency: they sew very high quality stitches 99% of the time. The other 1% is because I did something wrong. I will not spend time fixing mistakes that the machine made.

2) Reliability: the machine doesn’t break unless I do something stupid. It doesn’t “act up” or produce sub-quality stitches on certain fabrics. Every time I sit down at this machine, I will have high-quality stitching, with no straying from the stitch length I set.

3) Strength: the machine can sew through WAY MORE than a home machine, without flinching. I will not be worrying about my needle breaking or the machine jamming because I’m stitching through a nylon zipper, 8 layers of canvas, etc. It might skip one stitch, but it will keep sewing and have generally perfect stitching through any combination of fabrics.

I love sewing on my industrial because it is strong, heavy, and it has a built in bobbin winder that makes bobbins while I sew. It makes my product higher quality because it is reliable and strong: it is made to sew for 8-12 hours a day, every day. The needle doesn’t move left and right AT ALL. The presser foot is pushing down with a ton of pressure, but not too much that it damages or warps fabric.

So that is why I love my industrial. Oh, plus the added bonus of feeling super tough while sewing. I feel like I could sew through the world when I sew on this machine.

I sold my walking foot machine, which was even more tough. But a straight stitch machine is still TOUGH. If you have space, I highly recommend industrial machines. Particularly, Singer and Juki made in Japan.

Have you ever sewn on an industrial?


9 responses to “Why I love my industrial sewing machine

  1. I would LOVE to have an industrial sewing machine. I sew purses and feel like it would be higher quality using an industrial. One day, one day.

    • Yes, Sommer, totally!! I waited for a while before I was ready to buy, and then I received this one from a family friend. The thing about industrial machines is that they don’t lose value with time: they are old and don’t depreciate like newer machines do because they don’t have computer components. That’s another reason I think industrial machines are good investments: not only are you investing in your craft and your quality, you aren’t putting a ton of money into a machine that will be extinct in 5 years. I sold my walking foot machine and table for more than I paid for it (2 1/2 years after I bought it)–I made over $100!!

  2. I super love my 1971 industrial Bernina in a table just like yours- knee lift, big pedal, built in ruler, formica top and all. The main reason is because it is SO fast, perfect for those projects with long straight thoughtless stitching that you can let roll quickly by. It’s 41 years old it still runs like a charm.
    Sit down, tap the pedal and hold on for dear life.

    • Oh boy, I LOVEEEE my home Bernina, I can’t even imagine an industrial Bernina. I love that my home Bernina has a leg lift: it’s so nice to not do the phantom leg push to the right (like I used to do with my other home machine)…it makes darning holes, embroidery, and just everyday sewing so much more fun.
      Yes, and I forgot to mention the SPEED factor in my love for industrial machines. While I don’t often get to do the long straight thoughtless stitching, when I do it’s so nice. Home machines just can’t run through fabric and piece fabric together like industrials either.

  3. If you get the chance, try a servo with thread trimmer. You’ll think you’ve died and gone to heaven. I’m slowly replacing all my machines with servos. Next month I’m getting a siruba buttonholer that I’ve been coveting for 2 years.

    • Yes, Kathleen—I have a family servo so it’s super smooth and super adjustable. It runs like a gem!!!! What’s the deal with the thread trimmer?

  4. Oh… first let me say I think most people need to buck up. People would tell me they had to have thread trimmers and I thought they were a bunch of babies. wah wah wah, spare me. Then I got one (came with, $400 spanking new adler, the cost of customs duties, long story). Now I’m sold, have become a baby too and won’t (willing) buy anything else.

    It’s like sex. It’s something you just have to experience and there’s no going back. heh

    • Well, when you put it like THAT, you know I’m ordering one tonight!!!! lol If it does what I think it does, it sounds like HEAVEN!


  5. Hi, I recently inherited 591d200A machine. I can’t figure out how to rewind the bobbin. Reading from your blog, must be built-in to the machine..can you help? spk11364@gmail.com Stephan

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