Shop Local Love

I refuse to go grocery shopping, Target shopping, clothes shopping, or pharmacy shopping with my kids. It is not enjoyable and leads to mommy and kid melt downs. When my kids turn 25 I’ll go shopping with them again. Until then, I will admit that I rely on Amazon, my husband, and stores open til midnight.

This morning I got to experience my local shopping love. Hubs had the baby and the girls were at school. I rode my bike to our local parcel shop and get a quote for printing some wool care pamphlets, and then I had to go to our local hardware store. I had three agendas for the hardware store. They were funny and super random.

1) have them rig my bike flag in the front of the bike (it’s been in the back of the box, blinding me and whipping in my face)


Epic trip to my local hardware store. Guys rigged my flag in front!!

2) have them help me build a DIY kettlebell (they only had some of the parts, but I’m on my way!)

If you haven’t read ‘4 Hour Body’, I highly recommend it

3) have them show me what hardware I needed to hang my driftwood branch
Coming soon: new photo prop. For now: balance beam splinter emitter
I love local customer service and genuine help.


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