Split Pants for Elimination Communication

I recently had an order for size 12 month wool split pants. Courtney does elimination communication with her 8 month old, part time. She wanted pants that he could grow into.

We decided on this bright red upcycled merino wool, and I got to work. As I thought about the length, I asked her if she’d like me to put elastic in the leg hem. She said yes, so I put 1/4″ elastic encased in the legs so that they don’t trip Baby as he learns to walk.
The pants have an overlapping seam on the front and back. Here is a detailed shot of the overlap:

I love how they turned out. The waist band is new merino wool/lycra blend that has already been felted. It is super stretchy and will do well over a cloth diaper or just on his skin. I hope these help Courtney on her EC journey.


2 responses to “Split Pants for Elimination Communication

    • Thanks so much! They WERE easy to sew—I actually enjoy making these a lot. I have them set up as a custom listing too, that way mamas can request colors/ sizes/leg cuffs/etc based on their particular needs.

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