Schools in Philadelphia

With three young children, schools are a big consideration in where we choose to live. We currently live in Philadelphia, a city with a terrible public education reputation.

Learning to count to 100!!

We chose to homeschool last fall, partly as a result of that reputation. We had not won the lotteries the previous year to get our oldest daughter into a charter school. We were scared and worried about safety, exposure, education, class size, and outdoor time at public school. After a few months of trying to homeschool, it was obvious it wasn’t working out for our family. We decided to enroll our oldest in public kindergarten. We lucked out in that our local school has a good reputation for high family involvement, excellent staff, and a strong community. We were able to start her right away! She has flourished at school and she almost always loves going.

We applied to a charter school for next fall. Out of hundreds of applicants, she got in! It is called Green Woods, and it is an environmental education school. The kids hike everyday and have tons of time outdoors. They learn about different ecosystems each year and study hands-on in the woods every day.

I’m so excited for Sage to go there, as I really think it will help foster her love for learning and love for the outdoors. I can’t wait to hear her excitement over bugs and critters and trees!

Are you blessed by positive public schools or the ability to afford private school for your kids? Did your decision to homeschool flow from a lack of strong public education?

As we navigate these school years with our kids, I’m so grateful to my parents, to my teachers, and to my friends who are now educating in their homes or as their full time (or part time) jobs. You are making a difference!


3 responses to “Schools in Philadelphia

  1. I love hearing about families who really put THOUGHT into education and don’t just automatically assume that the local public school district is the best option. How exciting that you got in to the charter school! 😀 We plan to homeschool, but I hope to plug in to a strong co-op group so she can have classes/field trips etc there as well.

  2. So sweet, I am totally inspired by your ability to try, evaluate and change. I hope Levi can go to that school.

  3. “We lucked out in that our local school has a good reputation for high family involvement, excellent staff, and a strong community” It has a good reputation because of the high family involvement and strong community that is what makes a school.

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