Rebourne Wool Mattress Pads: New Video!

I finished a new video! It shows how to care for wool mattress pads, also called wool puddle pads.

If you’re interested in making your own wool mattress pad, here are some instructions:

1) buy a used wool blanket

-find a high quality, 100% wool blanket. avoid moth ball odor, large holes, and large stains. expect to pay between $6-40

2) immediately take it to a laundromat and wash it twice on hot, with eco-friendly detergent. Use a generous amount of soap.

dry it on hot.

-if it won’t lay flat, wet it completely and block it (stretch it, force it to lay flat, and allow it to dry as flat as possible)

3) cut it to size. sew the edges. use a zig-zag stitch and go over the edges, or overlock the edges. this will be tough to sew!
-if your blanket isn’t thick enough, you can make it a two layer pad.

4) follow the instructional video to prep your pad for use! (my pads come lanolized and ready to use)


If you plan to use these as bed-wetting protection, you will need another layer of absorbency for a big mess. I recommend using a towel under the wool pad.


3 responses to “Rebourne Wool Mattress Pads: New Video!

  1. Marni I love this! Such an easy approachable way to start using wool! I learn so much from you all the time!

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