Small Space Solutions for Drying Cloth Diapers

I live in a tiny (800 sq ft on three floors) home. We have a tiny, stackable washer and dryer. The dryer is not vented to the outdoors, so running it during the summer means HOT HOT HEAT. I try to line-dry our clothes as much as possible to cut down on energy usage as well.

We have a 10×10′ concrete slab with 10′ walls behind our house: our “backyard”.
With a family of five, and a husband who is a bike mechanic (read: 2 cargo bikes and many other bikes stored in said yard), I have to get creative with drying. I have a few tricks up my sleeve for drying a couple loads of laundry and a load of diapers at the same time.

This IKEA drying rack is the bomb. I can fit a whole load of diapers on it. It is narrow enough to fit through my doorway, so if it starts to rain I can carry the whole thing indoors. It folds up flat so it is easily stored indoors or outdoors. It doesn’t rust. It is low enough to the ground that my kids can help hang clothes/diapers. It can be placed in the corner of my “yard” while other clothes dry above it, and it still gets sunlight without taking up too much space. It has more hanging space than the folding wooden racks I’ve used.

Here is our back”yard” with a load of diapers drying. My husband rigged these lines and they are excellent! The diapers receive plenty of sunlight to keep them clean and bright white. If you’re worried about elastic stretching, you can lay your fitteds flat on the drying rack, or hang them over 2-3 rungs.

This is another adorable IKEA option for small spaces. A friend of mine used to put this outside on a plant hook for laundry day! Again, bonus that you can grab the whole thing if it starts to rain:

TROUBLESHOOTING: Crunchy diapers

When my kids were bitty babies, I cared more about their line-dried diapers being soft. To soften them up after they line dried, I would place them all in the dryer. I would throw in 4-8 wool dryer balls and a damp hand towel. I would check every 10 minutes until they were soft enough.

Do you do anything silly or creative to dry your diapers? Do you just dry them in your machine? I admit, when life gets stressful, drying things outside is one of the things I let go. But laundry can also be meditative if there aren’t a million mosquitoes or a blazing sun on my back.


2 responses to “Small Space Solutions for Drying Cloth Diapers

  1. We are fortunate enough to have a washer and dryer in a closet in the apartment, but tons of our laundry is either dried on hangers hung from the closet’s doorframe, or on a wooden laundry rack in Aveline’s room.

    All the “green” outside (I suppose it’s lawn) is peppered with pesticide both of the chemical (via the apt mgt) and organic (via the canine residents) variety, so no outside laundry hanging for us.

    • Chemical and organic pesticides are the worst.
      That is great that you still air dry, despite having a tiny space and a small child!
      The pesticides must make it hard to play right outside of your building: that is a huge bummer.

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