Exclusive Cloth Diapers – first stocking tomorrow!

After months of planning, sketching, designing, and troubleshooting, I’m so pleased to announce that:


I have three exclusive designs, the rainbows, the narwhals, and the foxes. They are 1/2 prints and will be priced at $33.

The top diaper is not my design and will be priced at $28.

I’d also like to post here that I am no longer pre-lanolizing or washing my wool diaper covers. If you’d like them lanolized before they arrive to you, you can now purchase this listing:

lanolize my wooliesWhy did I change this? Because of sensitivities in scents and soaps, and to conserve water and time.

You can choose between solid lanolin OR my Relanolizer Wool Wash Soap (more details coming soon, as I get feedback from testers and refine the recipe).

I am greatly looking forward to spring. Afternoons at the park reuniting with neighborhood moms and feeling the sunshine on my face. AND the kids getting some good, consistent exercise OUTDOORS! What are you looking forward to about spring?


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