Potty Training with a Rebourne Nifty Nappy™ Woolie Wrap

I want to explain the method I used for potty training my 2 year old son. We did elimination communication since about 6 weeks old. There were about 9 months or more when he didn’t want to use the potty (age 10 months to 19 months). At around 19 months old, he was willing to sit on the potty again. We did a lot of naked time at home (we don’t have carpets) and I would clean up his messes and bring him to the potty periodically. For naps, going out, and overnight he was in diapers. IMG_6271

During this phase, I found the most helpful setup was light inserts in a Rebourne Nifty Nappy™ Woolie Wrap. I was still able to use all natural fibers, and use the diaper stash we already had on hand.

My favorite was using a Rebourne flat diaper folded into thirds, laid in a Woolie Wrap. When I took him to the potty, I would unsnap the right wing of the cover (leaving the left side snapped), pull the cover and diaper down to his knees or ankles, help him go potty, then pull the diaper/cover back up and re-snap the one wing.
Here is my video on how to use a prefold as an insert in a woolie wrap:

In the event of him pooing his pants, I had the convenience of un-snapping the cover and not having to pull a poopy diaper and cover down over his legs. This was less traumatic for both of us, and easier for me to ‘keep it light’ and encouraging.

I found it was less traumatic to have a minimal amount of  snappis/pins/velcro/snaps. When toddlers are first learning to communicate their need to go, there is a tiny bit of time before they release (in general). I liked the insert and woolie wrap option because removing his diaper and cover was quick, quiet, non-invasive, and easy to put back on.
Here’s a video on how to use a Rebourne flat as an insert in a woolie wrap:

After using the potty, we didn’t have to lay back down to put his diaper and cover back on. This was more like ‘big boy underwear’. I just used two snaps on the right wing: the inner most wing snap and the outer most wing snap.

In the case of a full-bladder pee, the diaper was enough to hold it and the cover made sure there weren’t any messes. If we wanted to go out, I didn’t have to change what he was wearing. I didn’t have to invest in a set of training pants that he may have worn for 2 months.

For naps, I would lay another insert or prefold in his diaper. Many times, he was dry afterwards and we would remove the excess insert. The woolie wrap easily fit more or less absorbency comfortably. There wasn’t a dramatic change in going from “big boy underwear” and back to his diapers for parts of the day, it was a more seamless process.

Now he is in underwear during the day and usually during naps. He’s in diapers overnight and sometimes wakes dry. There were (are) very rare pee accidents in his underwear, for which I always bring a change of underwear and pants. He’s able to communicate before he has to go now, with more warning in advance. He is also older and able to hold his pee for longer periods of time.

Potty training has been very different with each of my kids. How did your process go? Did you invest in training pants? Were you happy that you did?


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