Wool Cloth Diapering

The thing that drew me to wool covers for cloth diapers was LESS LAUNDRY and LESS STINK. I had been using a few brand name PUL/synthetic covers and a few handmade PUL covers on my girls at the time. I hated how smelly they were after being used, and that I had to use a ton of water, soap, and energy to get them clean. Wool seemed a bit mysterious, and too good to be true. My first months using it were a total failure: I used wools that were too thin, wool blends without enough wool content, I didn’t lanolize enough, and I didn’t use diapers that were absorbent enough. I kept plugging along regardless.


Julian is not my baby, but he was a good reminder of how awkward little newborns are to dress!

Now that we are totally out of cloth diapering our kids, it’s hard to remember those awkward months. I can’t remember the brain fog of sleeplessness and the overwhelm of feeding, burping, clothing, and diapering a new baby. I consider it a gift that the difficult memories have mostly disappeared, but it does put me at a disadvantage to my customers and friends when I can’t remember how HARD it is to have a new baby, let alone start cloth diapering.


My boy loved his woolies!

I have a few videos on YouTube to help those that are new to cloth diapering. My best friend told me that I need to smile more, so I apologize if I don’t seem happy! I shot and edited everything myself, on my iPhone, so I was quite sick of looking at myself for many of those scenes!! I would greatly appreciate if I’ve left anything out of my FAQ page, my care instructions, or my videos, please don’t hesitate to let me know. Or if there is a better way you can imagine my resources being organized, please let me know! You can contact me here:


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