New Lanolizing Soap and a New Video!

organic lanolin soap for wool diaper covers

organic lanolin soap for wool diaper covers

Last year, I started making “relanolizer” soap: a cold process, lanolin enriched soap for washing and light lanolizing of wool diaper covers. The soap was great and it was fun to learn how to make it, but the time and cost of the oils made it difficult to continue production. I have worked on the formulation since selling out of that soap, and I’m pleased with where it is now: an organic glycerin soap, with tons of solid organic lanolin, and organic lavender essential oil. I hope to offer more scents in the future, let me know what scents you like!


The packaging is always important to me. I chose biodegradable, plant-based cellophane wrapping. The inserts are printed on recycled paper!

The full wool care kit can be purchased in my Etsy shop, click the image to view.

The soap is great for washing dirty woolies, and for leaving them with a light lanolin coating. Your woolies will still need a periodic deep lanolization. The video will walk you through all the steps:

The sweater brick is great at removing pills and keeping your woolies (and sweaters/hats at home!) looking smooth and brand new!


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