DIY wool diaper covers : washing and felting

You may have read my entry here on choosing the right type of wool sweaters for wool diaper covers. And you should check out this page on where to get fabrics and patterns for wool diaper covers. In this post I will tell you how I wash and felt wool sweaters in preparation for cutting and sewing.

Washing sweaters and pre-washing hemp fleece fabric with this lunatic. He brings the party wherever he goes!

After I’ve chosen my wool sweaters, I bring them home in a sealed bag. If I am going to wash a ton of sweaters at once, I take them to the laundromat. I usually wash them on “warm” and “normal” : hot water is usually too hot and will shrink them so much that there is no stretch left (not good for comfort). I add a lot of detergent, and my favorite brand is A Happy Green Life (no longer a shop!).

If I am washing 2 washer loads, I will try to segregate colors: red and black tend to bleed and shed their fuzz on to other colors.


We bike the sweaters to the laundromat! And a visual of how I hang my sweaters.

After they wash, I take them home and line dry them. I hang them upside down and clip the hem of the sweater onto the line. If you are not pleased with the thickness of the sweater after one wash, you can repeat the washing process. You can also dry the sweaters on HIGH heat in the industrial dryers if you are looking for more shrinkage. I use a variety of different thicknesses (for soakers and longies, I prefer a medium/thick with a bit of stretch, and for woolie wraps I prefer a thin/medium as the entire wrap is two layers).

I will write the next post on how to prepare the dry wool for cutting, and tips on cutting wool.

3 responses to “DIY wool diaper covers : washing and felting

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    • This post was written in reference to industrial washers and dryers. Water temp will vastly vary depending on your hot water settings. If you determine one wash on hot works best at home, stick with that! Some sweaters will still require a double wash. Good luck! Great post.

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