Clothes and Wool Diaper Covers : how to dress your baby : winter

I recently received an email from Sam. She asked,

“What else do people put on babies while they are wearing soakers like
these? Is the idea to put a onesie and pants on over the wool? Or are
these more for hanging out on a warm day when baby wouldn’t be wearing
other clothes?”

Let’s start with winter:

I loved using fitted or prefold diapers under longies. Longies are wool pants that act as baby’s diaper cover AND pants in one! As a top, you can use whatever clothes you prefer, and layer to your preferences. (I generally stayed away from “onesies”, as they are usually cotton. Having the cotton right up against baby’s wool diaper cover did not allow the cover to breathe, and the “onesie” would absorb the moisture and feel wet. Aim for long sleeve shirts, specificially kimono-style, for the newborn stage, and crew neck as baby grows:

You can use socks and slippers. Here are some faves:

If you are frustrated with keeping socks on your baby, choose footies! These are pants, diaper cover, and slippers all in one!!  Customize your footies with a non-slip suede heart for the baby that is starting to scoot and walk!

Of course, you can choose to use a wool soaker or wool wrap and have baby wear her clothes over it. You will need to size up one to two sizes to accommodate her diaper bum! Keep her diaper dry by changing frequently, as the wool cover needs to be able to breathe. The cover will absorb quite a bit of moisture, but then it will allow evaporation to the outer layers (read: baby’s pants will start feeling wet). This is specifically important for long car rides.

Next post will be SPRING!


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