Harem Wool Longies – pants that grow with your baby!


As I prepare for the fall and winter, I’m excited to start offering a new style of longies! These are made from a pattern purchased on Etsy from another handmade seller. The pants are specially designed to grow with your child to fit through a longer stage of growth than normal pants or longies. I have the first pair for sale in my Etsy shop and I hope to make more throughout the summer and fall.


a view of the back: a nice, round gusset for a big cloth diaper bum!

I will be making these with wool jersey (in the same 97%wool/3% Lycra blend as my interlock), with some of that being hand dyed with acid dyes and some being natural (undyed). The body and leg cuffs will be recycled/upcycled wool sweaters, and I may make some in all interlock at a higher price point.


detail of the coverstitching of the bum layers

I will still offer my made-to-order longies and footies for all of your babies this winter.


by rolling up the leg cuffs and folding the waist band over, you can adjust these to fit a wide range of sizes!

Do you have any color combinations that you’re dying to see? Comment here and let me know!


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