STRETCH your woolie wrap: how to keep your woolie wrap the correct length

Are you the proud owner of a Nifty Nappy™ Rebourne Woolie Wrap? Hopefully you are. You may have found that the un-felted (unwashed and unshrunken) merino wool inner layer suddenly shrunk a half an inch after you first washed it. Or maybe after months or so of owning it, it just is not as long as you need or want in the rise.


What happened?

The wool shrunk a little bit.

What can you do to fix it?

Follow the steps in this video after each washing or lanolizing and keep your woolie wrap happy. You should block all wool items after washing them before laying them to dry: it keeps them happy and just as lanolin is like conditioner, blocking is like brushing: it puts the wool back where it belongs. Because this merino wool has 3% (sometimes 5%) spandex, it is stretchy and that stretchiness can be used to our advantage.



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