Balaclavas! Wool hats for babies, kids, and adults! Now available at Firth & Wilson Transport Cycles!

I’m pleased to announce that the balaclavas that have been successfully selling on Etsy for a little while are now available in person at Firth & Wilson Transport Cycles here in Philadelphia.

Why a bike shop? Because balaclavas make great hats for use under bike helmets for kids and adults: the hats I make are usually thin and keep your head and neck warm while still fitting under their regular helmet. My friend Dena, whose daughter is shown above in the pink balaclava, writes here about layering helmets well for winter cycling.

Some of the hats are thicker and more suitable for non-under-helmet use. Carmen, shown above modeling the hats, doesn’t bike with her kids. She prefers to use them layered with her kids’ hoods. Find Carmen’s goodies for sale in her Etsy shop here!

What are they made from? I use the same recycled sweaters that I use to make my wool diaper covers. These are wool sweaters that I have hand picked from a warehouse outside of New York City. Some of the hats are merino wool, some are lambswool, and some are CASHMERE! The inner layer against your head is 100% organic cotton interlock. The band is a stretchy 95% cotton, 5% Lycra.

Check out Transport Cycles and see their selection! Bring your kid and their helmet if you plan to use these under helmets so that you can see what size fits best.


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