HOW MANY cloth diapers and wool covers do I need?

This is a common question that can be summed up somewhat concisely with this image:
I'm often asked, "How many do I need?" -- it's a personal choice and depends on what type of diapers you'll use, your laundry routine/situation, your baby, childcare situation, etc. This is my general guideline. ProTip: you can survive with very few wool

There is more info on the youtube channel, particularly on the Newborn Cloth Diapering videos.

You can use woolie wraps with flat diapers, prefold diapers, fitted diapers, or inserts.

You can use soaker covers and longies with fitted diapers, prefold diapers or flat diapers. Flat and prefold diapers will need to be attached to baby with a snappi or pins or other similar fastener.

Can you survive with less? YES! It just means you’ll do more frequent washing! Having more diapers, particularly in the beginning when baby is pooping/peeing more (and messier) and you are adjusting after giving birth or adopting you are running low on rest/sleep, it’s helpful to have extra diapers and covers on hand so that you can push wash day back 1/2 day or a day.


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