Holey Wool – How to Fix Holes and Add Patches

We all know by now that I’m obsessed with wool. I am currently wearing two wool sweaters, a wool neckwarmer, a wool hat, wool socks, and wool slippers. It doesn’t stink, it cleans itself, it’s sustainable, it biodegrades, it breathes, and it regulates temperature. Yada yada. What’s a major downside to wool, other than the whole shrinking thing? HOLES. Holes can come from carpet beetles (usually larger areas of eaten wool), moths (smaller areas), rubbing (elbows/knees), snagging, or stitch dropping. I’m going to highlight how to fix a hole in a partially felted wool sweater, and how to patch it with a cute recycled wool patch.

I used a contrasting thread so that you could see clearly what I was doing. Also, the hole I fixed was quite large. If I were using this wool for a customer, I would have worked around the hole as it’s so large. When a hole is that large, a patch is needed once the hole is sewn up so it doesn’t look too Frankensteined, unless you’re into that look.

I now have little sewing kits for sale here that include needles, thread, a plastic thimble if you were to need one, and a few wool heart patches. You’re welcome to request different colors at checkout, I will do my best to oblige (from my massive bag of wool scraps!).


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