used Bakfiets for sale


I am selling my with electric assist! Check out the Craigslist post here.

A few details:

-2013 cargo bike long with e-assist (factory Azor), 7 speed internal Shimano Nexus hub

$3100 (these start at $3100 WITHOUT E-ASSIST)

-well maintained (2+ times a year) by a professional bicycle mechanic with 15 years of experience

-added: fancy German front and rear lights that are powered by the assist battery (~$200+ value), second bench for third child in the box ($175 value), and Yepp e bike adaptor ($50 value)

-located in Philadelphia, PA. You will need to be local or have a vehicle with enough space to haul a 9′ long bike (large pickup truck with bed door open, huge minivan with all rear seats removed, etc)

-you will need to have storage space for this at your home/work, either a ground anchor, a wall anchor, a shed, garage, or similar situation. I always recommend locking the bike, even if you will be putting it in your garage or gated yard!

All other details are on the craigslist ad!

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