Doesn’t wool leak?
As long as you have a) an absorbent diaper, b) a lanolized wool cover, and c) a keen eye for changing your baby’s diaper promptly, you should not have leaks with wool covers. My wool covers are either two full layers thick, or two layers through the pee zone, or wet zone as some people call it.

Isn’t wool thick? Will my baby’s clothes fit over your covers? Is it hot?
This depends on your child, and the type of diapers you’re using. I have found that onesies often don’t fit over my kids’ cloth diapered bums. I often have my kids in one size up in pants to allow the extra room for their diaper. Some pants are baggy enough to fit over cloth diapers. You will need to experiment and figure out what size adjustments you’ll need to take, but once you figure out your baby and their size, it won’t be a big deal.

What does “recycled wool” or “upcycled wool” mean?
The recycled, or upcycled wool that I use in my wool soakers and wool wraps is sourced from a recycling warehouse. Taken from their website:
“85 employees recycle 35 tons/ 70,000 lb/31,800 kg of post-consumer textile waste daily; this equates to: 175 tons/350,000 lb/ 179,000 kg per week; 8,400 tons/ +16.8 million lb/ 7.63 million kg per year.”

They sort the garments into fibers and second hand clothing, to export to markets around the world. My friend and I sort through their wool grade #2 and hand pick each sweater we’ll use for our creations. I can be very picky with my choices, which is why I am constantly able to produce amazing wool creations!
As I live in the inner-city, I feel better about shopping for my wool at this warehouse, as opposed to local thrift stores. I would rather that a local person in need would get a warm wool sweater, than me taking it and turning it into baby goods.

Why wouldn’t I use AIO or pocket diapers that are cheaper and easier to use?
The pocket diapers are cheaper because most of them are produced overseas in factories in China. Did you know that the apparel industry is the number one polluter of the environment? Did you know that over 200 million people work in enslaved labor manufacturing around the world, and that 20 million of them are children? As you seek to buy local food and support local businesses, consider the impact of your dollars as you buy your cloth diapers.
In terms of ease of use: yes, a pocket diaper or AIO may be easier to use for someone new to cloth, or a day care provider or babysitter. However, wool requires less time and resources to care for: wool covers need only be washed when they are soiled with poo or if they are retaining a urine odor. How is this possible? Wool has a natural oil, called lanolin, that neutralizes the urine, turning it into soap. Wool covers need to be air dried between uses. You only need to own between 2-6 covers, AND you’ll spend less time and energy caring for them.

What diapers should I use under your covers?
For the wool soakers, or pull up style covers, I recommend any type of diaper that you prefer. Prefolds, fitteds, contour, flats, and snapless will all work. The Nifty Nappy™ Woolie Wrap is great over fitted diapers, and depending on your folding style will work over other diaper styles. Prefold, flat and contour diapers can be laid into the covers, following the instructions in this video: http://youtu.be/rSFSZOjvaD4

Where do you source your fabrics?
Some of my fabrics come from the recycling warehouse, as explained above. Some come from another post-consumer warehouse here in Philadelphia. Some are ordered online from a reputable organic fabric distributor who discloses her manufacturing information. If you’d like to see it, please contact me, I’d be happy to help.

What is it like going out with wool? (leaving the house):

-You will need more space in your bag to hold extra covers/wet covers
-You probably won’t be able to air out covers while you’re out, so bring enough to be able to change at each diaper change, to be safe.
-Bring two wet bags: one for damp covers, one for soiled diapers

It’s just more STUFF to carry. Once you accept that you are carrying more, but making a huge impact on the earth, it’s worth it. You will get your own system down and it will feel like second nature.

Do the Nifty Nappy Woolie Wraps REALLY adjust to fit a 7 pound baby?
I highly recommend watching this video to see how to put a Woolie Wrap onto a small baby! The video shows a Nifty Nappy diaper, but you use the same technique to fold the Woolie Wrap.


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