Make Your Own

Are you interested in making your own cloth diapers or diaper covers? Here are some resources!

And here are my blog posts on making your own:

Choosing Wool Sweaters

Washing and Felting



This is a great spot for patterns for sewing all types of diapers, diaper covers, and accessories. They also carry fabrics and notions to get you started. Cons: Their fabric and notions are expensive.

2) Katrina’s Free Pattern

This is where I originally sourced my soaker pattern and longies pattern.  I chose to alter her pattern to make patterns that I love and that are more my own and fit best with the materials I use.

Find yourself some polyester fleece or some high quality upcycled wool, and you can make your own diaper covers on the mega-cheap.


1) Nature’s Fabrics

This is a great site full of useful information and high quality fabrics. They pride themselves on carrying tons of eco fabrics and have made-in-USA options. They carry wool jersey and interlock for covers. They have CPSC certification for many their fabrics.

Cons: overpriced


You can find a huge variety of fabrics here suitable for cloth diapers: fleece, interlock, jersey, synthetics, etc.

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